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One of the teachers in the tutorial center I go to after school is fellow blogger, Enbrethiliel. Almost sometimes I give suggestions on her "Top 5" lists and she told me the other day, "Give me Top 5 Female Vampires in Literature." After much thinking I finally completed my list, I thought it was for her Shredded Cheddar blog. To which she told me: "Good. Now blog it and I'll link you." So, this is for you, Teacher Enbrethiliel! Noxxtis' Top 5 Female Vampires.

1) Claudia; Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice
Ø Listing female vampires is almost as easy as listing male ones. It's listing the good ones that are hard. Take Claudia of Interview with the Vampire for example. She is one of Anne Rice's most underrated characters. There's something just enchanting about her, and not just her never-ending childhood. It's the secret that lies behind her eyes. On the outside, she seems like the perfect little girl, done up in her golden curls and matching outfits. But beneath that exterior lies a killer who's lived for decades upon decades, and a damn good one at that. Her character wasn't fully developed in the book and I would have loved to see more of her than just some ghost in Tale of the Body Thief.

2) Pandora; Pandora and Queen of the Damned by Anne Rice
Ø No, I am not biased with Anne Rice vampires! Well, I'm almost biased with this one, since I used to hate this character. In fact, her book was the first Anne Rice book I've ever read, and I was very impressed and satisfied with it. (I've since read it twice after that.) Pandora is the daughter of a Roman senator during the time of the Pax Romana. She is a very complex character, she is articulate and she is basically what should have embodied the independent woman during the Roman era. Also, on a sidenote, I hate how she was portrayed in the QOTD movie. I mean, she looked Indian...and not Roman. C'mon, just because her current companion is Indian does not mean...gah. Pandora. Goddess Pandora. A woman of the world, who should have stayed with Marius.

3) Carmilla von Karnstein/Millarca/Mircalla; Carmilla by J. Sheridan Le Fanu
Ø I love Carmilla. Seriously. Hers is one of the best vampire stories I've ever read. (When your story spawned Dracula's story, you've got to be good.) It's unique for its time in the sense that it probably was the ONLY lesbian vampire story written then. Another thing I like about the story is that it is like fart. Mild, but deadly. Why? When Le Fanu describes the scenes where Carmilla is getting intimate with her victim, Laura, he describes it in such a way that it sounds prudent and innocent--just like the girls of that time. Plus, it was written in the first person view, which is weird once you think about it but still, he came up with an interesting story for the underrated pioneer of Vampire literature. Wait, and did I mention she's a character in my favorite anime series Yu-Gi-Oh? Well, in the crap season (*coughGXcough*) anyways.

4) Pam; TrueBlood
Ø Classic modern stereotype of a female vampire. Why? a) She co-owns a vampire bar. b) She wears leather and corsets on a nightly basis. c) She is probably a Domme. d) She doesn't take crap from other vampires. Seriously. It's like she's the boss of everyone including Eric! Not much more to say about Pam, though I do think she needs an episode of TB to herself. I mean, there is so much potential to her character. I just think that Alan Ball needs to develop her character more, like maybe, one of those flashbacks might help thanks.

5.) Astharosh Asran; Trinity Blood
Ø Last but not the least. I just haaaad to insert some sort of anime reference here. Astha is a Methuselah, essentially a vampire. She's not THAT unique in terms of vampiric aristocracy (Duchess of Kiev; Viscountess of Odessa), but she can kick ass. In a leather trenchcoat and high-heeled boots! The thing is, she's like a female version of Lestat. (She's blonde too, lol.) Can't say anymore about Astha, she's indescribable.

Yay, finished. First official DM entry.

Lights up, Noxxtis.

P.S.: The mascot for this site will be a dancing potato. No, I'm not joking. Anyone have any name suggestions? :'D


  1. +JMJ+

    Congratulations on your first post and first Top 5 list! =D

    I actually learned a thing or two about vampires while reading it. =)

    On the dancing potato:

    We can't go wrong with the classics . . . So how about "Spud"? =P

  2. +JMJ+

    Here's what one of my readers had to say about your list:



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